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Dr. Connealy’s Winter Medicine Cabinet

Published by Connealy, MD on February 7, 2024

Dr. Connealy’s Winter Medicine Cabinet

As the temperature starts to drop during winter months, cold and flu viruses become more common. This may be because people tend to spend more time indoors in close proximity to others and dry, cold air weakens the body’s ability to combat pathogens.

A robust immune system acts as the body’s defense mechanism against pathogens, helping to fend off illnesses. Adequate support for your immune system during winter involves adopting healthy lifestyle practices, such as eating a nutrient-dense diet, staying physically active, getting sufficient sleep, and managing stress. During this time, the body may need some extra immune support!

Antioxidant intake is important for reducing inflammation and helping the body fight bacteria and viruses. For example, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and stimulates immune cells, enhances phagocytosis, and helps kill bacteria. Ensuring adequate vitamin C  is essential for a healthy immune system! Also helpful are supporting vitamin D levels–especially during the winter months with less sun exposure–, and using natural antimicrobial agents to help the body address pathogens.

When looking for extra support, I always prefer to use natural, nontoxic products that promote the body’s ability to fight infection, rather than suppress symptoms. Here are a few of my favorite products for when my family and I are feeling under the weather!

#1 Perfectly Healthy Camu Camu’s Vitamin C: 

  • Contains pure, whole food vitamin C
  • Decreases free radicals, oxidative stress, and inflammation
  • Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune response by facilitating immune cells to the site of infection, enhances phagocytosis, and allows cells to kill pathogens

#2 Perfectly Healthy Super Ionic Silver

  • Naturally holds onto oxygen molecules, which readily react with bacteria and viruses.
  • Helps shield the body’s life-preserving cellular process known as cellular respiration, bolstering the body’s immune response
  • Silver ions can attach to bacteria cell membranes directly helping to support the immune system

#3 Perfectly Healthy Reacted Zinc

  • Antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent
  • Reduces duration and severity of colds
  • Supports healthy function of immune cells
  • Supports a healthy metabolism which helps cells address pathogens

#4 Perfectly Healthy Power Immune

  • Promotes a healthy immune response
  • Reduces cold symptoms including sore throat, cough, and fever
  • Reduces inflammation and stress
  • Supports healthy blood sugar
  • Contains a blend immune supporting herbs including Echinacea, Agaricus Blazei, Elderberry, and Berberine

#5 Vitamin C IV

  • Higher antioxidant activity compared to oral intake
  • Produces greater levels of hydrogen peroxide at the cellular level to kill pathogens
  • Provides immediate availability to the body

#6 ColdCalm – Boiron

  • Homeopathic remedy, natural, non-drowsy, works at any stage of a cold, preservative free
  • Contains natural remedies such as yellow jessamine, allium sepa, and  apis mellifica 
  • Relieves all symptoms of a cold including headaches, cough, congestion, fever, inflammation, etc.
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to heal

#7 Perfectly Healthy Vitamin D3/K2

  • Vit D regulates immune cell function and mitigates the inflammation associated with the immune response
  • Vit D deficiency is associated with increases all cause mortality and autoimmunity (PMID: 24922127)
  • Supports bone & heart health by promoting healthy calcium absorption and preventing calcification of arteries

#8 Niacin – Allergy Research Group

  • Decreases inflammation
  • Supports a healthy metabolism, especially NAD production which helps cells address pathogens and resist infection
  • Activates phagocytic activity
  • Supports general healing

# 9 Cough – Guna

  • Natural remedy providing temporary relief of cough due to cold and flu, inhalation of irritants, excess mucus and phlegm
  • Contains homeopathic tools 
  • Supports healthy function of immune cells
  • Supports a healthy metabolism which helps cells address pathogens

Whenever we get sick, the body encourages us to take a beat, rest, and nourish ourselves. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep, lots of fluids, and chicken noodle soup too!

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