The RGCC Test

Did you know that circulating tumor cells (CTC) are responsible for 95% of metastasis? Most conventional cancer centers DO NOT test for circulating tumor cells. We can't tell you how many patients receive a "cancer-free" diagnosis from their conventional oncologist, only to have it return months or years later. The only way to know if you are truly "cancer-free" is to test for the number of circulating tumor cells in the blood. Here at Cancer Center for Healing, we offer you personalized cancer care by testing your genetics through the R.G.C.C. blood analysis test. This blood test analyzes circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells through targeted test results and is designed to assess which types of cancer treatments will be most effective for a specific person and type of cancer. Cancer Center for Healing is then able to tailor cancer treatment plans for our patients to enhance treatment outcomes. R.G.C.C.'s analysis has revolutionized how we care for our cancer patients. Over the past nine years, physicians worldwide have utilized the R.G.C.C. personalized cancer care analysis with their patients and have seen tremendous strides in cancer survival. Watch our short video below to learn more about the R.G.C.C. test and why we recommend it to all cancer patients as well as individuals looking to prevent cancer!

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

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