My 8 Rules to Weight Loss

Most people probably do not know this, but the first practice I opened 30 years ago was specialized around weight loss. Now let me start by saying it’s important to love your body. It’s also important to know body weight is linked to health. A normal BMI, a lean body, a good physique. However you want to put it, they are related to your health. So how do I help patients achieve a healthy weight? Everyone is different, but I have some rules that generally work for everyone. 1) Do not buy unhealthy food. Just don’t have it in the house. It’s too tempting. 2) Eat fat. Fat is satiating. It keeps you feeling full and stabilizes your blood sugar. 3) Eat enough protein. When you eat more protein, you tend to eat fewer carbs. 4) Don’t eat too much. Calories in and out play a role in weight loss. A deficit is needed to lose weight. So if you burn 2,000 calories per day, you have to eat less than 2,000 calories to lose weight. 5) Don’t eat dinner too late. In general, our metabolism is slower at night. 6) Consider fasting. It can be a good way to add structure to your weight loss plan. 7) Lose weight with your diet and gain muscle with your workout. 8) Stress and emotional eating plays a role in weight gain. I recommend Tranquility Formula for stress relief.

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy


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