Immunity Check-In

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas ahead of us, I want to have a quick immunity check-in with you! After spending most of the year in isolation, many are now able to gather with small groups of friends or family. Unfortunately, many of our immune systems may be weakened from the lack of exposure to foreign pathogens during the extended time of quarantine. This can mean that holiday gatherings can tax our weakened immune systems. Whether you will be spending time with family this holiday season or not, here is my immunity cheat sheet to keep in mind through Christmas-time as well as the rest of Winter.

Here is my cheat sheet for immunity:

  • 20+ minutes of sunshine every day (I love doing my workouts outside to hit two birds with one stone).

  • 30+ minutes of exercise each day (walking, jogging, yoga, barre, etc).

  • Focus on building a strong gut (cutting out foods you are sensitive or allergic to, taking healing supplements like 4-Gut, and following the other diet steps below)

  • Consume little or no sugar (remember, sugar reduces the immune system response by 60% for up to 6 hours after consumption).

  • Consume little or no processed foods (these are usually filled with harmful chemicals, preservatives, dyes, etc that destroy gut health and the immune system).

  • Consume organic foods (non-organic foods can be laden with harmful pesticides, herbicides, and dyes and do not contain as many nutrients as organic foods).

  • Get 6-8 hours of good quality sleep each night (remember, when we sleep our immune system is working at its peak to fight pathogens). This can include eliminating blue light exposure after sunset, not eating 3-hours before bed, maintain consistent sleep and wake schedule, consider a supplement like 4-Sleep).

  • Take your immune-supportive supplements: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Master Immune, etc).

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

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