Immune Building During the Coronavirus

  1. Everyone's been asking me, "Dr. C, what are you taking so you don't get the Coronavirus?" All we can do is make our immune system as strong as possible. Below is my latest personal protocol to fight all viruses, including Corona! 1. The Immunity Kit. Vitamin C + Power Immune. Carefully sourced Vitamin C capsules from the Camu Camu plant and a proprietary blend of virus killers like Echinacea and Berberine. We made a travel kit for when you're on the move! 2. Brazil Nuts. Selenium can fight the Coronavirus. Studies show selenium deficiencies can increase the risk of developing viruses. 3. Sunlight. This past weekend, I sprawled out on the beach, basking in the energy rays of the sun. Sunlight can kill germs! 4. Relax. Chronic stress can manifest negatively in many diseases. Don't make things worse with panic. Less stress, less disease. Your Partner in Health, Dr. C

Ultraviolet light can kill the germs it contacts directly,

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