How I De-Stress Myself Naturally?

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend! I spent it relaxing with my family in nature. I’ve really been taking time to decompress on the weekends. Just like animals in the wild, humans are meant to sprint and then rest. If I don’t take time to just be I get stressed out. Some stress is good. It puts us in a heightened state of awareness. But when stress becomes chronic, that’s when there could be an issue. Being a doctor has its ups and downs. We become entrenched with our patients and their stories and emotionally it’s not always easy. We have to find a way to become immersed in life but not so attached to it. I have several ways of doing this. • I meditate in the mornings • I give lots of hugs to my kids. Human touch is powerful. • I take our Tranquility Formula • In any difficult situation, I try to take a step back and remember this too shall pass. Life goes on. The ingredients in Tranquility Formula weren’t just picked at random; they are all vitamins and nutrients that have longstanding use and scientific research to back them up. For example, Vitamin B-6 is a main contributor to the formula, and peer-reviewed studies have scientifically shown that Vitamin B-6 can reduce stress. Passionflower, another main ingredient, has long been used as a sedative and calming aid. GABA, or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, works as a neurotransmitter to connect with certain receptors in the brain that can reduce anxiety. I take it when I feel anxious!

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