How Can I Afford the Best Cancer Care in the World?

First, the staff at the Center walked me through how to contact my insurance and find out what would be covered. I learned that most visits, some IV’s and other modalities would be covered which was nice. Remember, however, this is not "conventional" care (although it is backed by extensive science), and the AMA and insurance companies are a little behind on this model of testing, treating, boosting the immune system, and identifying the causes. So I would expect to pay some out of pocket. Regardless, they do provide additional resources for those who may need it. At Cancer Center for Healing, they have fostered a strong relationship with an outside billing company that works to get you maximum reimbursement for as many treatments as possible. This company even walked me through how to switch my policy to get more coverage. They were excellent and helped save me a significant amount of money. Second, with this, they recommended I contact my life insurance company. They shared that this could be used, tax-free, to help pay for care. Third, Cancer Center for Healing utilizes an outside financing company to support affordable payment plans if needed. Fourth, they can connect you with non-profit organizations that offer sponsorships and funding for cancer care. Many of these organizations simply require you to fill out a quick application to apply for financial assistance. Lastly, if additional financial assistance is needed, they will assist you in setting up a Go Fund Me page in order to reach out to friends, family, and the local community for support.


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