Healthy Aging Month with Leigh Erin Connealy

Full-being health is absolutely essential when it comes to aging gracefully and maintaining exuberance. This is why I focus on not just physical health, but emotional and spiritual. For those feeling disheartened at the general outlook on aging, let’s redefine it together. After all, aging doesn’t lead to inactivity and loss of vibrancy, rather, inactivity and loss of vibrancy lead to aging.

Internal harmony is so much more than just physical health. Have you ever seen someone who seemed to do everything right with their health, but they still looked worn on the outside? Our external appearance is, more often than not, a reflection of either our internal harmony or internal discord. Physical illness, repressed emotions, and/or unresolved trauma, can manifest as skin concerns, mental health, emotional instability, and more.

This is why we take a full-being approach to health here at the Center for New Medicine & Cancer Center for Healing. So what is the key to maintaining vibrancy throughout your life? Reducing toxic exposure, eating nutrient-dense foods yes, but also working with practitioners to heal past trauma, creating strong social bonds with others, reducing or eliminating contact with toxic individuals, and finding true inner peace.

As you work to achieve this, you will be astounded at the internal radiance that begins to shine through externally. Check-in with the Center for New Medicine’s Instagram and Facebook this week and throughout the month for more in-depth information on the various aspects of aging along with our top anti-aging treatments.

On our Cancer Center for Healing Instagram and Facebook we will be addressing prevention, detection, and treatment of the following cancers this month:

  • Blood Cancer

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Prostate Cancer

Again, be sure to tune in to those accounts regularly for daily content surrounding these topics! It is our absolute honor and pleasure to be able to provide life-changing information to you and your loved ones.

Your Partner in Health,

Dr. Connealy