Ginkgo Biloba for Mental Clarity

For hundreds or perhaps thousands of years, humans have used Gingko—the scientific name Ginkgo biloba—as a herbal supplement for a variety of medical ailments and other supplemental uses. The medical usage of ginkgo can be traced back to medical texts written in China around 2800 BC. Since then, Gingko leaves have become known even in modern times for a wide variety of medicinal and supplemental uses, such as high blood pressure, tinnitus, altitude sickness, and improving memory. Gingko accomplishes these notable medical benefits by increasing cerebral and peripheral (i.e. to the extremities) blood flow in people who consume the leaves. There is still significant ongoing research into the benefits of ginkgo, particularly into whether ginkgo’s memory-enhancing effects can be an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia in addition to acting as a memory supplement more generally. All in all, ginkgo is a powerful supplement for those seeking to tangibly improve the function of their memory. Ginkgo is an active ingredient in IQ Max and I take it every morning before I see my patients. Our unique IQ Max formula takes advantage of these key medicinal benefits of consuming Gingko, and other memory-enhancing herbs. It's important to consult with a doctor before taking new supplements or medicines. We believe that the best supplemental and medical regimen incorporates not only modern science and technology but also one that incorporates lessons learned from our ancestors as well.

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy