Don't Shortcut Your Health

There are no shortcuts to achieving true health. There is only time and effort. Some activities like grocery shopping or taking the stairs might take extra time, but they are worth it! Below are a few situations where I always make sure to avoid the easier options in life! 1) Processed food might be convenient, but it takes a toll on human health in the long run because of its industrial seed oils and processed carbs. It might take more time to shop at the farmer's market or source grass-fed meat, but having the proper building blocks will make you strong, soulful, happy, and radiantly energetic. Avoid ALL processed junk! 2) Moving the body is always worthwhile. Take the stairs. Fitness takes time. Exercise powerfully boosts immune function. It does this by improving the circulation of immune cells throughout the body so they can easily get to their destination, which is the cancer cells. 3) Pills won’t save you. There are no shortcuts in life. All medication comes with a cost. For example, high blood pressure meds kill an erection. Another example is regular use of sleeping pills is associated with a 3.5 times higher risk of respiratory cancer. 4) It takes some time but consider incorporating meditation into your daily life. You can achieve the same breakthroughs through years of meditation and hard work. 5) Take the time to create more fulfilling relationships. All worthwhile relationships take time and effort to truly reap compound returns. Trying to take shortcuts usually has a negative outcome. It's better to spend time on our health now than paying for it later. Don't take the easy way out.

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy