10 Reasons Why You Need to Move Everyday

It takes energy to have energy. This means you have to move around during the day! Sedentary behavior is not healthy! Move any way you can. Weight lifting, walking, dancing, yoga, hiking. Health is inherently holistic and exercising our bodies is another piece to the puzzle along with sunlight, eating nutrient-dense foods, spending time in nature, and so much more. Here are a few reasons why you should get your body moving. The Top 10 Anticancer Benefits of Exercise: 1. Exercise powerfully boosts your immune function. It does this by improving the circulation of immune cells throughout the body so that they can more easily get to their destination, which is the cancer cells. 2. Exercise stimulates your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps immune cells get to where they need to go. 3. Exercise increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells, including your brain. Cancer can’t thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, so exercise can directly cause cancer cell death. 4. Exercise drives down your insulin levels. 5. Exercise causes you to sweat and remove toxins. 6. Exercise reduces estrogen-producing body fat. When you have too many xenoestrogens (toxic chemical compounds that mimic the activity of estrogen) in your body, they may facilitate the growth of some cancers. 7. Exercise may thin your blood and reduce red blood cell clumping. When your red blood cells are clumped together and your blood becomes too thick, cancer-killing immune cells, oxygen, and nutrients can’t move as easily about the bloodstream and reach their target cells. 8. Exercise reduces stress. 9. Exercise relieves depression and insomnia. 10. Exercise reduces inflammation and the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Physical activity helps move food through the bowels so that metabolic waste moves through the body more quickly.

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy